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Beijing Culimer Seafood Im-Exporting Co., Ltd.
RM. C-311, Building C, Yard No. 85,
Nansanhuan Xilu, Fengtai District,
Beijing, 100070, China. 
Tel:  +8610 53526005
Fax: +8610 53526005


As China is the biggest sea food production and consuming market in the world, a Chinese subsidiary was set up in Beijing in 2006 under the name Beijing Culimer Sea Food. Here we have 3 different cold storage facilities (in Beijing, Dalian and Qing Dao) at our disposal, which enables us to offer local supplies of King Crab, Black Tiger Shrimp, Tuna and more to our local customers. Our dedicated sales team had excellent first years and is more passionate than ever to beat these results for the years to come.

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