Sustainable value for all

Sustainable tuna

Tuna has an ‘absolute 0 point’.  When tuna at ultra low temperature of -60°C is (super frozen), the quality of tuna does not deteriorate as in fresh or standard frozen condition. This technique brings huge advantages for the environment, resource, fishermen, distributors and consumer alike. As the Japanese sashimi markets have understood long time, super frozen tuna is the best quality that money can buy.

Super frozen tuna offers stable pricing of continuously top quality fish, comparable or better than the best fresh fish. This enables fishermen to feed their families whilst catching less tuna. Fishermen bring home dollars, not kilograms.

As recent independent studies show, even a certified fishery can hardly be designated as sustainable in doing so. Super frozen fish can be transported by sea, versus airplane, with drastically lower carbon foot print, lower costs and better quality…

Fish should swim, not fly...

Read our sustainability leaflet for more information: Culimer sustainability leaflet 2011