Royal Culimer FZE - Dubai
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Royal Culimer FZE
LOB 2, office 26 Jebel Ali Free zone
+ 971 4 8817847
Fax: + 971 4 8817848



Our Ofice in Dubai

Processing plant:

Royal Culimer Seafood Processing LLC.
Dubai Investment Park 1

The Dubai branch of Ibro Mar Holding B.V., Royal Culimer FZE, was established in January 2007 and operational by mid March of that same year. The objective was to serve customers from the Gulf region with the same dedication as the Rotterdam team. A steady growth in both numbers of customers, turnover as well as staff members made Royal Culimer FZE become a full service, individually operating branch. From our Dubai stock, we currently serve customers in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, KSA, Egypt, Lebanon, India, Azerbaijan, etc. Our products are available for Retail, Hospitality, (air line-) Catering, Traders as well as processors.

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