What is the QR-code?

You probably have seen a special, unknown (bar)code in our printed communication materials. The code, known as QR code (abbreviation for Quick Response code), is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded may be text, URL or other data.

Although initially used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, QR codes are now becoming more popular in a broader context. Smartphones already have 'QR-code apps', which allow users to obtain extra information. For example, Culimer has added a QR code to the 'Towards sustainable tuna' leaflet. This code will link you to the 'Super Frozen tuna defrosting instructions' at the Culimer Youtube channel.

QR code Culimer QR code Culimer Youtube  
URL: www.culimer.com URL: www.youtube.com/culimer2010  

How to use the QR code?
Google's mobile Android operation system supports QR codes by natively including the barcode scanner (ZXing) on some models, and the browser supports URI redirection, which allows QR codes to send metadata to existing applications on the device. Nokia's Symbian operating system is provided with a barcode scanner, which is able to read QR codes, while mbarcode is a QR code reader for the Maemo operating system. In the Apple iOS, a QR code reader is not natively included, but more than fifty free apps are available with reader and metadata browser URI redirection ability. With Blackberry devices, the App World application can natively scan QR codes and load any recognized Web URL's on the device's Web browser.


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