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Martin Brugman Culimer

How can I explain to a chef that super frozen tuna ( -60°C) is the safest, freshest tuna available? That sashimi actually is frozen tuna? Communication has never been my strongest asset, but my passion is to make the best fish products alike and my vision is 'tasting = believing'!

Years ago I visited  the Tokyo Tsukiji fish market, the biggest fish market in the World. I expected fresh tuna to be sold, only to find out the opposite. On the famous market for ‘fresh’ tuna, frozen tuna's were laying ready to be once served as sashimi tuna in fancy sushi restaurants.

After years of study and through testing we have managed to make delicious super frozen tuna, which is now available at wholesalers at a temperature of -60°C. So that means even chefs can serve their customers the best quality tuna, caught responsibly. We will further explain about our sustainable catch when you come to one of our tastings at our Rotterdam-Airport premises, as my invitation for tasting still holds!

Martin Brugman, 

Superfrozen Tuna Tsukiji market super frozen tuna

SF Tuna saku defrosted

Super frozen tuna saku -60°C Tsukiji fish market - Tokyo - Japan Defrosted super frozen tuna saku

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Would you like to learn more about super frozen tuna? Please contact Mr. Marc Buczkiewicz. He will liaise you with your local wholesaler, or indicate which tasting opportunities we have to offer.