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When yellowfin or bigeye tuna is (super) frozen at ultra low temperature of -60°C, the quality does not deteriorate as in fresh or standard frozen condition. This technique brings huge advantages throughout the whole supply chain. As the Japanese sashimi markets have understood for a long time, super frozen tuna is the best quality tuna that money can buy.

1. More value for less catch
So called 'fresh fish' can be 11 to 14 days old and deteriorating all the while before it is ultimately consumed.

Super frozen tuna is directly stored onboard at -60°C. After days and weeks of fishing, fishermen will bring home only the best quality of tuna.

2. Specialized processing
Super frozen tuna products are being produced in high tech production facilities.

3. Super frozen transport
Our -60°C containers are equipped with professional tools measuring the temperature 24/7 during transit.

4. Lower carbon footprint
Super frozen tuna is transported by sea - versus air freight - with a drastically lower carbon footprint of more than 50%.

5. Super frozen storage
We store our products in our -60°C storage facility. Additionally we can also provide special -60°C super freezers to be placed at the customer's site.

6. Lower waste
Finally, sashimi quality tuna can be served with approx. 20% waste reduction.

Towards sustainable tuna
Fishermen have to bring home dollars, not kilograms. By combining the use of circle hooks with super frozen, fishermen are able to store fresher tuna onboard and deliver only the best quality on shore.

Circle hook caught super frozen tuna enables fishermen to feed their families whilst catching less tuna!

For more information about our circle hook project with WorldWide Fund for Nature (WWF), please click here.



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